Our spa offers 6 massage and body treatment rooms, including two exclusive sets of dual escape rooms, where you are able to share side-by-side treatments with a friend or loved one.

Our incredible menu includes an array of specialized treatments designed to focus on your body’s specific needs.

Add aromatherapy oil to any massage for only $5.

SWEDISH MASSAGE | $50 for 20 min | $85 for 50 min | $135 for 80 min

Let your stress melt away during this relaxing European treatment. Our certified massage therapists will use a light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and help soothe any sore or achy muscles.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE | $55 for 20 min | $95 for 50 min | $155 for 80 min

This massage utilizes techniques of muscular manipulation to target specific areas of the body. It aims to promote an increase in range of motion in joints and muscles, reduce scar tissue and relieves muscular tension, fatigue and chronic pain.

PRENATAL MASSAGE | $50 for 20 min | $85 for 50 min | $135 for 80 min

Beneficial to both mother and child, this treatment calms the nervous system and provides relaxation for the mother-to-be. This gentle massage helps to reduce neck and back pain, relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, promote circulation and relieve edema.

RIVERSTONE MASSAGE | $135 for 75 min

An ancient treatment that combines the benefits of heated river stones, with traditional Swedish massage. Aromatherapy oils and heated stones are used to warm muscles and joints and facilitate healing while allowing your tension to melt away.

DUAL ESCAPE MASSAGES | 2 Therapists, 2 Guests | $190 for 50 min | $310 for 80 min

A massage for two! Bring your husband or wife, mother or daughter or your best friend and enjoy a massage side-by-side. This treatment involves one room, two certified massage therapists and two guests. *Please specify this treatment at the time of booking so that we may ensure proper availability.